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Aula Iuliu Hațieganu – 09.00 – 11.00

Prezidiu: F. Stamatian, M. Stanojevic,                    A. Kurjak, R. Vlădareanu
9.00 F. Stamatian Cuvant deschidere
9.20 A. Kurjak Facts and doubts on the prenatal assessment of cognitive function of brain
9.40 F. Stamatian Cantrell Pentalogy
10.00 R. Vlădareanu Mycrocephaly- more than Zyka Virus
10.20 C. Mărginean Tricuspid fetal valve- from the screening to the diagnosis of the anomalies
10.40 Ștefania Tudorache All roads lead to the first trimester

11.00-11.30 Coffee Break

Prezidiu: A. Kurjak, G. Monni, E. Bratilă

11.30 A. Kurjak New challenges: Fetal signs of maternal diseases
11.50 G. Monni Is the amniocentesis era coming to an end?
12.10 G. Caracostea Preeclampsia, a pathology of the maternal endothelium
12.30 I. Gussi Monocorionic twin pregnancy – how we decide on the appropriate therapeutic intervention for each complication
12.50 E. Bratilă Placental function and fetal growth in maternal obesity
13.10 C. Arsene,          F. Diaconescu, R. Talmaci Differentiation of non-invasive prenatal genetic screening tests

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13.30-15.00 Light Lunch

Prezidiu: D. Mureșan, C. Mărginean, S. Vlădareanu

15.00 S. Vlădareanu Neurological prognosis in twins
15.20 D. Mureșan Possibilities and limits of the early fetal morphological scan
15.40 C. Mărginean Why is the use of Color Doppler important in the extendend screening for fetal cardiac anomalies?
16.00 T. Kovacs Cardiac malformations responsable for cardiac ventricular disproportion
16.20 D. Iliescu Intrapartum ultrasound. „Twenty years after”
16.40 M. Surcel The role of imaging in adenomyosis. Implications in the treatment of sterility.

                                                             17.00-17.30 Coffee